Hair Replacement Systems

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Hair Confidence Hair Loss Consultancy, a division of the Rainbow Connection Professional Hair  Salon, offers Non Surgical Hair Replacement Systems for different levels of hair baldness/thinning patterns for both male and female customers.  Over the years, Hair Confidence has developed our best hair restoration systems with Base Units using the Finest Swiss Lace and Macro Polymer materials developed from the latest cutting edge Polymer Technologies – of which a related family dispersion of Contact Lens Technologies is associated with. All our base units is then painstakingly one at a time hand implanted onto the base with 100% Finest Human Hair. The technique gives result of 100% natural head of hair and youthful appearances to all our customers at affordable prices.

Major Range of our hand-made Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Systems:
1) Hair Graft System – Base Material developed from Polymer Technologies with 100% Genuine Human Hair
2) Hair Integration System – Base Materials using the Finest Lace and/or Macro Polymer Skin with 100% Genuine Human Hair

Hair Confidence is based in Shrewsbury, Shropshire and offers:
• A discreet, professional, dignified and confidential service
• Consultation and styling services in a private styling room
• Natural-looking quality solutions for all types of hair loss
• Free parking outside the salon