Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you colour match my hair?

Hair Confidence Hair Loss Consultancy is a professional salon specialist in different types of Non Surgical Custom Hair Replacement Systems/Extensions. We can match any density and hair colour even with percentage of white hair. Consultation is required in order to achieve what clients want.

2. How much are hair extensions?

As we only use quality human hair, the price of your system will depend on the length and volume you require. If you desire very long hair or extensive volume there will be an additional cost involved. Example a male client with a short back and side hair style up to 6 inches in length, average salon price is £500. Longer hair lengths will cost more, say for a client with medium length hair touching shoulders, the average salon price is £95.

3. Where is the hair from?

We have a range of different hair brands to suit your budget. All our products are ethically sourced from reputable hair suppliers.

4. How long will my hair last?

Depending on your hair’s condition and the base design you choose, your custom hair system/extensions should last between three months – 1 year. This time frame will depend on how you look after your hair after application. Clients with greasy hair tend to have less of a life span with their systems as their extension bonds are broken down quicker by the residue build up.

5. Will custom hair system damage my own hair?

Non Surgical Custom Hair Replacement Systems have a neutral effect on your hair when applied professionally and will not damage your own hair.

6. Can I dye my hair with my custom hair replacement system?

Yes. When dying hair extensions we recommend you only use a semi permanent hair colour.

7. Can I curl and straighten my hair extensions?

As all our products are made with 100% human hair you can GHD curl or straighten the extensions as normal.

8. Do I need a special shampoo & Conditioner with extensions?

Yes. We recommend you use professional products that are specifically formulated for hair systems/extensions.

9. Do I need a full head of extensions?

This is a question that can only be answered when we see your hair. You can either use our online consultation form or book in for a consultation at our salon.

10. If I have fine hair can I have hair extensions?

Custom Hair Replacement Systems/Extensions are specially designed for clients with thinning hair or hair loss.